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Michael Grech Financial Investment Services was established and licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority in 1994, with the objective of providing a personalised quality financial service to investors both in Malta and Gozo. Michael Grech is the founder and Chairman of the company with over thirty years of experience in the financial sector. Together with a team of professional people, the company provides a unique service based on sound knowledge and expertise of the sector. In fact, through the years the company has grown into a trusted, performance-driven organisation that is committed to build wealth for its clients and future generations.


Since January 2011, the Gozo headquarters has moved into new premises situated at the Brokerage in Victoria, which is Gozo’s first state-of-the-art financial hub. At the same time, the company has made a major rebranding and re-alignment of the business proposition, operations, and service ethics. This restructuring was  due to the company’s ever growing client base, as well as the need to expand the operations and services.




We aim to be one of the leading firms in the financial services sector by providing a dedicated and personalized service of a higher standard.


Our team of highly professional people facilitated by the latest technology ensures that any type of transaction that clients request can be carried out efficiently. The company seeks to work proactively as regards investment opportunities keeping in line with the latest market research and strategies.


Good performance is vital to create positive wealth management - that’s why our investment consultants and researchers are continually undergoing training and development programmes to widen their knowledge base in the face of the ever-changing world of finances. Our brilliant investment team is autonomous in making observations and judgement while acting with the right financial prudence to protect the investor’s capital.


We also believe that the long term commitment of our staff provides continuity and stability to the personalized service that we offer. We are proud to say that our research and advisory team has been with us since the beginning of the firm. Our dedicated service is built on trust and commitment, serving three generation of clients, a trust which is reflected in the continued loyalty of our clients.




We are an experienced service provider not beholden to any financial organisation where the needs of the client come first. We always take an experienced and transparent approach to investment advice, keeping as our objective not only the preservation of wealth for the investor but also the creation of wealth for its future generations.


Our approach in the provision of investment advice is to provide unbiased research and information to clients on which they can base their investment decisions. The involvement of the client throughout the investment process enables us to understand better the investor’s objectives, whereby we can provide the best investment solutions and services.



"The company is committed to provide a professional service to all its clients through its talented, loyal and trusted workforce. In this way we want to create wealth and value for our clients, job satisfaction and opportunities for our employees and financial returns for our shareholders. The company strives to be one of the leading financial service providers in Malta."
Michael Grech Financial Investment Services Limited is licenced to conduct investment services in Malta by the Malta Financial Services Authority
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