Michael Grech

Michael GrechChairman & Managing Directormichael.grech@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

Anna Grech

Anna GrechDirectoranna.grech@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

David Grech
David GrechDirectordavid.grech@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography
Warren Dingli
Warren DingliFinancial Controllerwarren.dingli@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography
Kyle Debono
Kyle DebonoBusiness Consultantkyle.debono@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography
Jessie Attard

Jessie AttardInvestment Consultantjessie.attard@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

Sandro Micalllef

Sandro MicallefInvestment Consultant - Malta Officesandro.micallef@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

David Mizzi

David MizziInvestment Consultantdavid.mizzi@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

Patrick Zammit

Patrick ZammitInvestment Consultant - Malta Officepatrick.zammit@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

Renzo Farrugia

Renzo FarrugiaInvestment Consultantrenzo.farrugia@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

Rachel Dingli
Rachel DingliJunior Forex Administrator rachel.dingli@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography
Klara Xuereb

Klara XuerebJunior Administratorklara.xuereb@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

Joseph Rapa

Joseph RapaCashier joseph.rapa@michaelgrechfinancial.comSee Biography

"The company is committed to provide a professional service to all its clients through its talented, loyal and trusted workforce. In this way we want to create wealth and value for our clients, job satisfaction and opportunities for our employees and financial returns for our shareholders. The company strives to be one of the leading financial service providers in Malta."
Michael Grech Financial Investment Services Limited is licenced to conduct investment services in Malta by the Malta Financial Services Authority
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T [356] 2258 7000 F [356] 2155 9199

95, Fleur de Lys Road, Birkirkara BKR 9064, Malta.
T [356] 2258 7000, F [356] 2144 1006
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